Easy automatically dimming without control device and dimmer: Touch DIM®

Realising an easy and cheap lighting control with an DALI® electrical ballast (ECB) is not easy. Osram has come up with something fascinating.
An additional function has been integrated in the OSRAM DALI® ECG family, namely Touch DIM®. The electronic control gear can then be switched and dimmed directly at the DALI control terminals. There is no longer any need for a controller. This is because the ECG also acts as the controller. Touch DIM does not form part of the DALI standard. It is an additional OSRAM function of the control devices.

Warning! Never use Touch DIM together with a DALI control system. The following applies: use either DALI or Touch DIM.


Touch DIM® benefits:

  • Standard push buttons can be used
  • Radio version for flexible upgrade solutions
  • Double-click to save the switch-on value
  • Suitable for fluorescent lamps, LV halogen lamps and LED modules
  • For one TouchDIM application up toup to 20 DALI-LED ECGs (exception: OTi DALI 75: 6pcs only) can be used


Touch DIM®
Easy and manual dimming by using standard push buttons

Touch DIM® Sensor
Pure light sensor / pure presence sensor / combined light and presence sensor (enables daylight-dependent control with presence function and combination option for individual adjustment of the lighting level)

Touch DIM® Funk
Dimming without control device thanks to maintenance- and battery-free EnOcean radio technology

pdf Touch DIM Application Hints

Interested? For more information about OSRAM Touch DIM, please click here.