LED Strips

LED Strips - on SOLAROX® LED Strips ensure the perfect colour reproduction and a comfortable light, the CRI should be at least 80Ra when applied for home illumination.

We offer solutions for any arae of application:

  • Standard LED Strips with an adjustable colour temperature, white, warm white, coloured or colour changing (RGB). Suitable for e.g. shelf or background lighting. High quality SOLAROX® Strips with up to 260lm per meter for home illumination. Low-Budget-Strips for inexpensive appliactions, e.g. for trade fair constructions.
  • ShortPitch LED Strips Strips with twice the number of LEDs equipped
  • SOLAROX® HighCRI LED Strips with Samsung LEDs. Perfectly suitable for home illumination e.g. in voutes thanks to their high efficiency and a CRI>80Ra. The LIGHT version has up to 940lm per meter and ECO with twice the number of LEDS equipped and a higher brightness of up to 1,920lm per meter. The highend version PRO offers variable input voltage (22-30V), integrated temperature control and up to 2,100lm per meter - also as water resistent version available.
  • SOLAROX® Power Flat LED Strips with 120 LEDs and up to 2,700lm per meter, CRI>80Ra. Bright and suitable for applications for which a smaller distance between the LEDS themselves is required.
  • SOLAROX® Power LED Tapes are equipped with double rows of LEDs and include 168 LEDs of up to 3,800lm per meter, CRI>80Ra. Perfectly suitable for applications for which a smaller distance between the LEDS themselves and maximum brightness is required.


Light colours (colour temperatures):

  • 2,700K: warm white - light of a bulb
  • 3,000K: warm white - halogenous light
  • 4,000K: neutral white - less yellowness for a professional atmosphere (artificial light)
  • 6,000K: daylight white - like incoming daylight at work, suitable for technical atmospheres