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SOLAROX® Mini LED Dimmer

Product description

Easy to use and very small LED dimmer. In addition, 8 dynamic effects programs are included. The installation is very simple, because 5.5/2.1mm plug and jack are already connected. The controller is suitable with all single color LED bars, strips and all single color LEDs.

Attention! If you want to use single LEDs on this dimmer, resistors are strongly required!


  • MODE: Switch to dynamic mode. Press this key to switch among 8 dynamic modes.
  • SPEED/BRIGHT/OFF: Adjust speed in dynamic mode or decrease brightness in static dimming mode. Press and hold >1sec turns power off.
  • LIGHT/Brightness: Switch to static dimming mode. Press to increase brightness. Press and hold for 1 second to jump to 100% brightness.


Input voltage:
5V ... 24V DC
Output current:
Number of channels:
Push Buttons
55 x 13 x 8mm
PWM frequency:
Operating temperature:
0°C ... +50°C

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