Light Management Systems

Light Management Systems

Comfortably saving energy automatically

Constantly rising energy costs and a growing focus on climate protection are driving the need for energy savings more and more into the forefront. Particularly in applicaion with high energy consumption, energy-efficient lighting solutions are assuming an increasingly important role.

In daylight-dependent and motion/presence-dependent lighting control systems, the available daylight in a room is automatically supplemented as needed by artificial light from luminaires with dimmable electronic ballasts. Light sensors detect the brightness level comprising artificial light and natural daylight. The groups of luminaires are controlled according to their position in the room and the amount of available daylight, so that a predefined lighting level is maintained. Users can adjust the lighting at any time to a level that meets their specific needs. If a motion/presence sensor is also used, the lighting is automatically switched on only when someone enters an empty room or if someone is in the room. This significantly increases the potential energy savings even further.

Example: It is a cloudy day and you need artificial light in your office. As the day progresses, the weather changes and the sun is shining into the office from time to time. At this point in time the automatic lighting control reduces the artificial light of the LED system e.g. by 80% since it is not required. In this case you will save 80% of electricity as well! This way, users can reduce the electricity consumption enormously especially in offices, public areas and holiday accomodations.

OSRAM offers alternative solutions to cover a variety of requirements:

• Touch DIM® (easy lighting control without additional control device)
• MULTIeco (single and group offices)
• Sensoren (daylight-depending or/and motion-/presence-depending)

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