New SOLAROX PRO strips in the assortment

06/05/2018 - New Hits

An incredible brightness of up to 3400 lumens per meter and a variable input voltage of 24-30V are the highlights of the new PRO series.

From now on, our popular FLAT LED series is not only available as ECO, but also as PRO for the highest demands. As always, the PRO Series models are equipped with constant current sources for longer life and variable input voltage. This makes them the ideal lighting on mobile power grids, where also a lot of light is needed. Already 50cm of the POWER FLAT LED Pro have a luminosity, like a conventional 100W incandescent lamp.

The FLAT LED PRO also has a constant power supply and can reach almost 2000 lumens per meter at a very attractive price.

Both LED strips are available in 4 color temperatures: 2700K warm white, 4000K neutral white, 5000K sunny white, 6000K daylight white.