SOLAROX HighCRI PRO LED Strips for car, boat and camper with SAMSUNG LEDs

01/22/2018 - New Hits

With these high-quality SOLAROX HighCRI LED strips with SAMSUNG LEDs for 10 - 15V on-board voltage you can, for example, To illuminate your camper or boat perfectly without having problems with higher voltage, as the regular voltage in vehicles is often around 13-14V.

Our best SOLAROX LED strips are now available for 10-15V. As a result, they are now also suitable for mobile electrical systems, which are often subject to fluctuations in starting the engine or recharging the battery. There are no less than 100 constant current sources on this LED strip, which ensure optimum current supply to the SAMSUNG LEDs and prevent overloading. In addition, a thermal overload is prevented, which adapts the current at extreme temperatures. These stripes are available in warm white, neutral white and daylight white.

The optimal LED strip for the highest demands!