Special! SOLAROX LED ZigBee RGB + CCT controller included

07/08/2018 - News

When purchasing 3x 5 Meter SOLAROX RGB+CCT LED strips, a ZigBee controller worth 29.99 EUR is included on request, which allows control via the Philips Hue System, for example.

With this Zigbee controller it is possible to control any SOLAROX LED strip with the Philips Hue® system. The controller is very easy to integrate into this system and can then be fully controlled depending on which LED strip is selected. It can be operated with 12V and 24V LED strips. In addition, the controller has an additional power connection that is compatible with all our plug-in power supplies. You do not need a screwdriver or soldering iron for commissioning.

This promotion is limited in time! Take it now!