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SOLAROX waterproof LED modules

01/30/2018 - New Hits

The SOLAROX® LED modules are water-protected LED modules for advertising, i.e. channel letters or light boxes. High flexibility due to free arrangement and 12V operating voltage.

SOLAROX HighCRI PRO LED Strips for car, boat and camper with SAMSUNG LEDs

01/22/2018 - New Hits

With these high-quality SOLAROX HighCRI LED strips with SAMSUNG LEDs for 10 - 15V on-board voltage you can, for example, To illuminate your camper or boat perfectly without having problems with higher voltage, as the regular voltage in vehicles is often around 13-14V.


11/15/2017 - New Hits

A special play of colors is offered by our new SOLAROX® RGB RUN LED complete set. A beautiful eye-catcher for parties, bars, discos or even in advertising.

SOLAROX SingleCut LED Strips

11/01/2017 - New Hits

The SOLAROX® SingleCut is the ideal LED strip when it comes to every inch. It means flexibility in length and also in 3 different color temperatures.


07/17/2017 - New Hits

The SOLAROX Power RGB LED Strip is used where the brightness of conventional RGB strips is not sufficient.

SOLAROX LED Strip for Food lighting

07/17/2017 - New Hits

Foods require special light for optimal presentation of goods, which makes the colors of the goods look crisp and fresh.

Diffuse HighCRI LED Strips

07/14/2017 - New Hits

The SOLAROX® Diffuse LED strips with special silicone encapsulation provide a completely seamless light.


07/05/2017 - New Hits

Finally no more question whether RGB or (warm) white! The SOLAROX RGBWW strips provide almost any light color including white. The extra-warm white light color with high color rendering index is providing a very comfortable light.