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SOLAROX® HighCRI Power LED Strip PRO 12V with Samsung LEDs white 6000K - 5m-reel

Product description

Ideal for high quality and professional standards. The SOLAROX® High CRI Power LED Strips set new standards for high-quality lighting solutions, where natural color reproduction, high efficiency and long lifetime are required. This is achieved by using modern Samsung LEDs and sophisticated electronics. No resistors but constant current sources with temperature sensors are used for the LEDs. Thus the strips are less sensitive to voltage swing and provide an uniform brightness over the entire length. For LED protection the current will reduced if ambient temperature becomes too high. The circuit is optimally designed in interest of a long lifetime. The high color rendering index (CRI typ. 85Ra) lets appear the light very naturally in the living environment.


  • Natural color reproduction of illuminated objects thanks to high color rendering index (typ. 85Ra)
  • Luminosity up to 1700 lm/m
  • High efficiency of 113 lm/W
  • 60 LEDs per meter
  • Using constant current sources instead ordinary resistors
  • Protection circuit against overtemperature
  • Constant brightness over the entire length
  • Wide operating voltage range of 10V...15V (ideal for 12V vehicle electrical systems like cars, boats and campers)


  • High quality residential lighting
  • Yachts, boats, cars, campers
  • Cabinet lighting

Following power supplies are usable:

The Strip is dimmable using a LED dimmer. Suitable dimmers can be found here. Make sure the output current (Amperes) of the dimmer is sufficient!


Color temperature:
Emitting color:
Nominal voltage:
Nominal current:
6.25A (1.25A/m)
Nominal wattage:
75W (15W/m)
Nominal luminous flux:
8,500lm (1,700lm/m)
Nominal beam angle:
5000 x 10 x 2mm
Nominal life time:
Smallest operable unit:
50mm (3 LEDs)
300x Samsung 5630
Starting time:
depending on control gear
Warm-up time (60 %):
Energy consumption:
Energy efficiency class:
typ. 85Ra
Yes (PWM)



  • The Strip is separable every 5cms (3 LEDs). The divided sections can be reconnected with the Connector cable for 10mm single color LED strips (# 7010140) or soldering wires. A comfortable feeding allows the Feeder cable for 10mm single color LED strips (#7010110). The backside is a 3M Scotch tape for a fast mounting. Please make sure the surface is flat, clean and dry!
  • Pay attention for multiple voltage feeding if total length is greater than 5m.
  • The strips should be attached on a metallic surface for better heat dissipation.
  • 5 years warranty granted - in conjunction with power supplies matching voltage offered by

HighCRI Pro 12V

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