Terms of guarantee

SOLAROX® products are guaranteed 3 years by LED1.de if they are operated with the power supply units which are of the apropriate voltage and power consumption. Addtionally, the SOLAROX® products must be operated according to the instructions given by LED1.de which are shown in the respective datasheet and/or the instruction manual.
In case of the failure of a product caused by a proven product defect within the guarantee period, LED1.de will supply a replacement free of charge and/or credits the respective
SOLAROX® product.
Failures as reffered to in these terms of guarantee are light-emitting diodes and/or assemblies which have lost 100% of their luminostity within the guarantee period.
LED1.de reserves the right to decide upon the eligibility of a guarantee claim. Therefore, the defect product must be sent back to LED1.de and shall include: sufficient postage, the receipt and/or the invoice.
Not covered by the guarantee are damages, modifications or defects caused by improper use, the normal degeneration (loss of luminosity, colour) of LEDs as well as the costs for
dismounting, transport and their associated risks.
The buyer must assure the proper use according to the given instructions. This applies in particular to the power supply, the IP protection class, the ambient temperature and possibly
necessary cooling measures.
The guarantee period starts upon date of purchase. Implied guarantee claims remain unaffected by these changes.