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SOLAROX® 700mA Constant Current Source for Power LEDs, dimmable

Product description

The LED Driver contains one channel supplying a constant current of 700mA, so extra resistors for 3W power LEDs are not needed. Minimum 5pcs up to maximum 7pcs 3 Watt power LEDs (Winger, Osram) can be connected in serial to output. The LED Driver is protected against overheating, short circuit and surge. Only trailing edge dimmers usable. Usually these are the variants for electronic halogen transformers, too. Dimmers working with leading edge method are not usable! Ask your electrician if you are not sure which system is installed.

Number of LEDs depends on their forward voltages. The sum of the forward voltages must be at least 14V and 21V maximum.


Output current:
Input voltage:
220V ... 240V ~
Output voltage:
14V ... 21V
Output power:
10W ... 15W
Protection grade:
140 x 45 x 28mm
Operating temperature:
-20°C ... +45°C
Primary side by trailing edge(!)

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