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SOLAROX® PWM Constant Current Source KSQ700 for Power LEDs 700mA 9-40V, dimmable

Product description

The SOLAROX KSQ700 Constant Current Driver is designed to drive 3W HighPower LEDs with a stable current of 700mA. They are designed to drive LEDs with constant current (cc), independent of the input voltage (9 - 40V).

The special feature is that the KSQ700 is dimmable by PWM, a potentiometer, or a control voltage 0-10V.

The KSQ700 will protect the LEDs from voltage transients. Thus it guarantees durable and reliable systems, and it's specifically recommended for use in motor vehicles, as general lighting, background lighting or for medical engineering.


Output current:
Input voltage:
9V ... 40V
Output voltage:
max. 18V (@Ue=40V, refer manual)
42 x 32 x 12mm
Operating temperature:
-20°C ... +50°C

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